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AvailableEmail1Email2LinkSupervisor 1Supervisor 2DateTitle of a Latency and Power Estimation Model for ARM Processors Efficient Adaptive Neural Networks for Embedded Hardware Simultaneous Face Detection and Pose Estimationötzinger12-09-22Adapting a Railroad Anomaly Detector for Embedded Hardware Audio Effects Device on Raspberry Pi Time Series Classification on MCUs


AvailableEmail1Email2LinkSupervisor 1Supervisor 2DateTitle an all-digital DLL for an open-source DDR3 controller Learning with Reduced Precision Weights Deep Learning Inference with Shift-CNN Pruning of Neural Networks with Intel Distiller Neural Network low bit-width Quantization for image classification, object detection and segmentation targeting FPGA Semantic Segmentation of Video Objects von 3D Convolutions auf Embedded Hardware für autonomes Fahren based workplace safety monitor in an automotive test benchöll11-15-22Analytical Approximation of Statistical Roundingötzinger11-30-22Monocular Depth Estimation using Self/Semi-Supervised Learningötzinger11-30-22Filtering of Rail-track Switches using Ensemble Learning FPGA and eGPU for Disaster-Scene Analysis Audio Effects Deviceötzinger07-01-23Depth-wise Concatenation of Two Pruned Networksötzinger07-01-23Evaluation of Lane Detection CNNs for Rail Tracksötzinger07-01-23Reinforcement Learning for Train Route Predictionötzinger07-01-23Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation of Different Objects

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