Open Theses

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Supervisor 1Supervisor 2DateTitle
Jantsch Wess 15/11/2022 Adaptation of a Latency and Power Estimation Model for ARM Processors
Jantsch Wess 15/11/2022 Energy Efficient Adaptive Neural Networks for Embedded Hardware
Jantsch Lechner 15/11/2022 Real-time Simultaneous Face Detection and Pose Estimation
Götzinger 09/12/2022 Adapting a Railroad Anomaly Detector for Embedded Hardware


Supervisor 1Supervisor 2DateTitle
Jantsch Wess 15/11/2022 Adaptive Neural Network low bit-width Quantization for image classification, object detection and segmentation targeting FPGA
Jantsch Lechner 15/11/2022 Consistent Semantic Segmentation of Video Objects
Jantsch Lechner 28/09/2020 Hardware-Aware Pruning of Neural Networks with Intel Distiller
Jantsch Lechner 15/11/2022 Optimierung von 3D Convolutions auf Embedded Hardware für autonomes Fahren
Jantsch Bittner 15/11/2022 Vision based workplace safety monitor in an automotive test bench
Jantsch Taherinejad 19/05/2016 Designing an all-digital DLL for an open-source DDR3 controller
Jantsch 28/06/2018 Deep Learning with Reduced Precision Weights
Jantsch 28/06/2018 Embedded Deep Learning Inference with Shift-CNN
Jantsch Schnöll 15/11/2022 Analytical Approximation of Statistical Rounding
Jantsch Götzinger 30/11/2022 Monocular Depth Estimation using Self/Semi-Supervised Learning
Jantsch Götzinger 30/11/2022 Filtering of Rail-track Switches using Ensemble Learning
Jantsch Wess 05/01/2023 Exploring FPGA and eGPU for Disaster-Scene Analysis

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