DATE 2023 Publication

Blog of CD EML The paper 'Multispectral Feature Fusion for Deep Object Detection on Embedded NVIDIA Platforms' got accepted at the DATE 2023 conference, 17-19 April 2023, Antwerp, BE Read More ›


EML Object Detection Android App

Blog of CD EML This entry contains a documentation of the EML Object Detection Android app. It includes a step by step guide to set up a tensorflow environment for converting TensorFlow models to app-compatible Tensorflow Lite models and to host them in the cloud with Google Firebase. Read More ›


Tiny YoloV3 Power Visualization

Evaluating a neural network in terms of accuracy is widely supported in all machine learning frameworks. The power draw which is an important aspect in the operation of machine learning accelerators on the edge, such as an NCS2, is rarely evaluated. Read More ›